Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Well, I got a new camera, a Canon A530, but I am just now trying to learn it. It has many more functions then my old one and I need to run through the onboard software to learn just what is available and how do I make it work. Not the best or most expensive camera but for my craft work and the kids it will do. The price was good, $148.94. I actually bought two of them.

I have found that this camera unlike my old one will take some little amount of continuous pictures. Of course this all depends on the flash recharing and what function you are in, it is not available in some funtions. Still this is an option that I might choose to use a time or two.

Even without the flash on the camera takes ok pictures inside the house. Oh and it has a couple of night time functions, one for just night pictures, and another that it meant to take a picture of a person against a nighttime background. I haven't tried this out. No one available when I have the time and the camera out. Everyone sleeping at that time. Oh well maybe sometime soon I can see just how well it might work.

I did find out one thing though. This camera came with non-rechargable batteries. Now my other camera went through those like crazy. So I use rechargables as that is much less expensive. I have been playing with this camera for a couple of days now and have not had to change batteries. When they do go I am going to have to take a good look at what these are as I will usually pick up some back up non-rechargables for emergency use when my rechargbles are dead. These ones are lasting very nicely and I think that they might be what I purchase for backups in the future.

So far learning portions of the software has not been too difficult. The booklet the company enclosed with the camera is also not bad. Oh I have seen books that come with software that are like greek to wade through and you get almost nothing from that book (quickbook pro, oh what an awful book that came with that). So this one at least is a good guide for the user, me to follow. I haven't had any trouble with it so far. This company didn't expect me to have a phd in photography when they put this one together. ROFLOL That's great as I am not very good at taking pictures and don't need the extra bother of a higher learning curve for the camera.

I do have some pictures to take of fingerless mittens. Then I can work on updating the blog entry without a picture of these. I also have a couple of other things to take pictures of that I haven't gotten around to taking. Today though is a work one. Clean, sweep and mop, then to the laptop for my "work" work. LOL So it is later for picture taking.

Oh this one is a 5 mega pixel with a 4x optical, 4x digital. Not too bad compared to the 2 mega pixel I had. Oh and I should say I am not giving up on the old camera. It just could be a software problem as nothing can be found to be wrong with the lens. So will continue to try to puzzle that one out. It would be nice if I could get it working again. That might not be as good as the one I have, but I did pay for it and I would like it to work.



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