Friday, February 02, 2007


I got a camcorders to take videos of the holidays, the grands, and whatever else I want to have for later viewing, this was back just before Christmas. The problem was that I only had one battery for it and it only lasts for about an hour to an hour and a half. Not a long time.

Oh it does have a plug so I can hook it to the electricity but you cannot get around very well like that and children don't stand in one spot.

So I went looking for extra batteries only to find that no one carries them here. I got told to call the company. Sure that would be a nice thing if they didn't want a small fortune for each one, well $30 + shipping costs per each one ordered.

I had my son do some searches while I was at work a couple of weeks ago and he found several nice places. One of them had the batteries I needed (actually an upgrade from the one I have) for only $9.99 each with shipping. So I ordered three batteries for the price of one.

It did take two weeks for them to get here, but then they came from Hong Kong, and two weeks is not all that bad for the distance, and the shipping cost wasn't all that much either. It was a US order, but shipped from their warehouse.

At least now I don't have to save the battery I have. I can tape for several hours and if at home or near the car the extras can be charging while I am using another. I like it. Grandkids here I come. Oh do they like to show off.



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