Tuesday, January 30, 2007

 Busy, Busy

I have been working on trying needle stitches on the looms.  I have a couple figured out, but boy are they hard to do with some.  All the moving and moving of stitches to fill in gaps, or to make gaps is such a lot of work.  Still this is an excerise in learning and it is kind of fun.

I plan to come back in a few days to update my blog since I haven't done that for a while, but other things have to come first over the next few days.  First there is stuff for work, I have a couple of projects to work on, and I need some extra rest.  I have put in so many hours lately between groups, work, crafting, and general home stuff  (you know that cleaning thing we sometimes have to do), that I am going to need a huge break.

I will update when I have the time.



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