Friday, February 02, 2007

My car

Alright, my car is running. After finally getting the carburetor from this stupid company I ordered from after a three month battle with them, my car is running. Well, it still had a problem. The day I took it to have the "first" carburetor installed, the one that they say was the wrong one, but the mechanic says was the right bottom wrong top, I started having trouble with the alternator light coming on.

On January 5 I sent the carburetor back to the company, plus my old carburetor for them to check out. They said send priority mail, we will reimburse, yea still waiting for that to happen, so I did. According to them it took two weeks for them to receive the package, sure it did. On Jan 18 I called only to get an I have to call you back in a few minutes. That was in the late morning on Thursday. Friday morning I had to call back because no one called me.

My carburetor, this one they were going to rush fix and fast ship, was still sitting in the box somewhere and they couldn't find it. Oh great, they wanted to "call" me back. I had some choice snorts over that one. Loudly and with tons of sarcasm for the man on the phone. A call back wouldn't happen, I had been that route.

So they did get it done finally, and I only had to wait another 11 days for that fast shipped expedited package to get to me. They must think I am stupid and that I will never tell anyone about my experience. I heard all kinds of excuses and I know an excuse when I hear one. This cost me plenty by being so stupid as to think I could save money with a company that others said was good to deal with. Oh that cost added up to much more then what a brand new carburetor would have cost. The price of the carburetor, the price to ship it back, the lost wages from no way to get to the job, and the cost of shopping here in this tiny town. Prices are almost double for what I can pay if I go to the next town over. I did a quick estimate and figure around $800 to $900 extra in shopping here. Wow, the new carburetor was only $750, the rebuilt I could have gotten here was $351, so figure it out. If I would have purchased here, I would have saved a bundle. Silly old me for thinking I could do better.

So the car came back to me on the 31, but the alternator light is still coming on. I checked about purchasing an alternator as the hubby can install that. They tell me to first check to make sure it isn't the battery. Nope not that, so back to get the carburetor yesterday, which the hubby installed last night. No more alternator light. That dumb company put the voltage regulator inside of the carburetor. Voltage regulators go out more often and quicker then a alternator, but when built in you have to replace the whole darn thing. This makes number six or seven in just about as many years. The first couple were simple get another no charge, as they were lifetime guarantee but then the company purged files on the computer and that no longer existed. The receipts you get don't last long in readable fashion, so take pictures, or scan them or something. This one is over $70 but I do have a core charge coming back.

At least the car is running and sounds great, for now, it is an old car. It's a 1976 Buick. I like old cars. I don't like the new plastic ones. I have seen first hand what happens when they get "bumped" and what happens when someone runs into my steel car. ROFLOL

This weekend we go shopping. Yes, shopping. I never thought I would be happy to say I was going to go shopping. I am just not a shopper. I hate it, but this weekend I go to JoAnn's, Michaels, CraftwareHouse, and who knows where else. I am suffering from I want to browse the yarn isles, at least something besides Walmart.



Blogger swooze aka Suzette said...

Yeah the car is fixed!! What did you buy me?? hehehe!

11:17 AM  
Blogger Amoonsinger said...

Oh I got some butterfly looms, I posted about what I see with them. I also got some cord to do lookerhooking with and some more stitch markers, plus a knitting book. Sorry nothing for you. I didn't know you needed something. ROFLOL Not that I really needed anything but the cord and stitch markers, but it helped smooth over not getting to shop for a while.

11:45 AM  

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