Tuesday, December 12, 2006

60" S loom afghan

The afghan I am working on for my son. He has five different colors that he choose himself. Plus the order of the colors if of his choice also.

Not all of the color stripes are going to be the same. The rows vary by some small degree. Some are to be 10 rows, some 12 and one of the colors will be a little 9 row.
(you can see the bottom edge of my hair, yes that color is natural, sorry I always get asked that question)

That basket I have there is a larger version of the little craft ones you see in stores. The large 60" S loom sits quite nicely in this one. I don't keep it in a bag as I don't plan to carry this one along anywhere.

As you can see I have just started on the first repeat of the colors. I have a long way to go.

This afghan is being done in red heart yarn, with two strands held together in the stockinette stitch. It is very thick and the weave is very tight.

Not such a good close up but I think you might be able to see the thickness of the piece. You can also see there is no loose strands at the beginning edge. I used the long tail cast on for this one and there is a very nice edge across the bottom.

(The loom was purchased from CinDWood Crafts {link on the sidebar} and is one of three sizes she makes, has nylon pegs, with heads much like the ones on the knifty knitters. It is a very compact loom that can make a very large one piece project. As the title says this is the 60" S loom, but I also have the 36" and the 48" looms)



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