Saturday, December 09, 2006

Simply camera play

I got my new camera and it has been fun playing with it. I have taken all kinds of pictures in just play to see how it would do. It's not bad for a cheap little camera.

See this tree. Well, I am holding the camera at ground level. I have to tilt a lot to get even close to the top of the tree. Oh yes it is a big tree but it is still a baby. It is only 22 but has reached about 60-70 feet at this time. I will never get to see it's full growth, if it manages to make it to full growth. This little guy can grow to be 300+ feet, but that will take more years then I will be around. She is a beauty though. Her sister (which is right on her other side so you cannot see her), is just slightly shorter but had a girth around that is a bit fuller then this one.

Oh you should see these in the wind. Oh what a lovely dance the branches do. So soft and graceful they move up and down. I love watching her move.

Here is another picture of the same tree. You can see her sister standing beside her. I had to go to the back yard and take this picture over the top of the house. Yes that is the roof of the house at the bottomof the picture. LOL, you can see a couple of my antennas attached to the house. These are CB and scanner (police/fire/medical/business scanner is what I have).

Anyway, see how one sister is taller then the other. They were planted at the same time and were the same in height, but that has changed over the years.

These guys are on one side of the yard. To the left side of the picture you can see the Blue Spruce that is at the edge of the driveway/carport area.

I caught this one morning and had to have a picture for my desktop. It is a really neat moon showing in the morning covered with fog and mist.

The trees in this picture you cannot see so well but they are at the back corner of the property. No not the same as any of the trees in the other pictures.

I really need to get some more pictures of other trees in the yard. I cannot remember just how many we have now. We have lost a few and planted a few, but it was somewhere around 100.



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