Monday, March 05, 2007

Hats again

I dropped working on the afghans in favor of the hats again. I managed to finish one last night. It actually didn't take all that long about 3 1/2 hours from start to finish. Maybe I am just getting pretty good at this lace knitting or maybe it was just an easier pattern, or the tricks I have learned have me be faster in the process.

At this point I am not actually making up the pattern but instead testing the ones I have made up already. I need to know that I can read them as I wrote them.

I do have one that is really cute but I didn't write a portion of it right. So in trying to test it twice now, it just didn't work. I finished the one last night and started again the one and it still wasn't right. There is one line that I wrote, a key portion of the pattern, that my brain says it interprets it one way but that way is not working.

I am very thankful for the kind of brain I have. It works in a funny way. I very often, not always but often, solves the problems I have while I am asleep. Yes sound asleep. I wake up knowing the solution to the problem. I will jump up and write that solution down and then I am good to go. The most important time this happened to me was while I was in college. My computer accounting class had a major project. It was on a program made for the college by a student and given over to them free for their use. It was set up to automatically save the project to the hard drive. To save to another place you needed to change the save function to where you wanted it to go. I saved it where I needed it, or so I thought, but it went to the hard drive. Wow, on that server there was thousands of files. I couldn't remember what I had renamed it. It was due in one day. A whole terms worth of work lost in the thousands of files on the server.

So I slept and I found my self in that sleep renaming the file and saving it. Saved I was, I woke wrote the name down, and the lab tech the next morning was shocked when I explained that I now had the name and could he please pull my file off the server (students didn't have access to that area for good reason).

So last night I went to sleep running over and over in my mind as I fell asleep what I could be doing wrong. I woke a short time later and now I know. I shall start the hat over tonight but I know I now have the solution to getting this right again. It is such a cute hat I hate the thought of abandoning it. Aren't minds a wonderful thing to have.

Most of the day yesterday was spent in chipping up tree limbs. The hubby cuts the limbs and I have been helping to put them though the little chipper we have. This is lots of work with all the trees we have to cut. We use to just burn them but since we went city, we are no longer allowed to burn. Bummer, it is getting harder and harder to maintain these trees properly.

Well, it is off the web and into my work program. I have a stack of invoices to enter before heading to work this afternoon.



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