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Loom Crafts with Knifty Knitter, by Shannon Erling

This is the first full book of knitting patterns I have seen from the Provo Craft folks. I bought it to be able to help anyone needing help but there are a few things I can get ideas from also. I did a quick review of it for a friend and then thought it might be good to display it here also.

The projects in this book are centered around the oval knifty knitters and the flower loom.

The beginning of the book has a section to help you learn how to use the oval looms as single and double rakes. The following are taught with pictures:

Slip knot
Anchor Peg
Wrapping the loom along with how to keep it loose
Knitting off Variations (this is the common 1 over 1, 1 over 2)
Tube knitting on the oval loom
Panel knitting on the oval loom
Making an I-cord
Ribbed Stitch (this stitch can also be found in Mary Thomas' book on knitting and at Stitches (Pontos) look at the top row forth stitch counting left to right)
Alternated Ribbed Stitch
Increasing and decreasing stitches
How to change colors
Joining new yarn
Gather finish
Mattress finish
Hidden Seams (such as you would use to attach to pieces with live stitches, say for shoulder work)
Glossary and list of looms used in the books projects (ovals, flower loom and pom pom maker)

There are a couple of new things for beginner to some intermediate loom knitters that could be very helpful. Very well put together and very useful.

Babies & Toddlers:

Chick Blanket page 22-24. a darling little afghan with a chicken face corner, a different working on the hooded baby afghan
Winter blanket page 25-27 another hooded afghan with an i-cord edging
Baby's first quilt page 28-30 a cloth and knit combination blanket
Baby bear & baby bear blanket page 31-34 a toy bear and blanket with baby bear head
Toddler sweater page 35-37 this is a hooded sweater with a zipper front
Toy bag page 36-39 a little bag to hold toys

Cuddle up:

Girls Shrug page 42-43 a slip over shrug done tube style, very cute
Scarf and hat page 44-45
Prairie scarf & hat page 46-47
Afghan Shawl page 48-49 a shrug
Mommy & me blanket page 50-53 done in ribbed and alternate ribbed stitch (saw one like this on the internet)
Baseball & basketball pillows page 54--57 tube style with sewing to make look of seams

Let's play:

Broom horse page 60-62 yes the old broomstick horse is back in loom knitting
Pirate costume & boots page 63-65 hat with pirate hair, boots are long slipper type
Fancy dress-up page 66-69 a pointed hat and little short sweater cover up that is attached to dress
Dice with family games page 70-73 square dice and a section of games to play with the dice

Family Crafts:
Journal book cover page 76-77 a book cover
Girls sleepover crafts 78-79 tube scarves and hair scrunchy
Bird marionette page 80-83 a knitted bird hanging from a stick
Worm marionette page 80-83 a worm hanging from a stick (a loom knitted worm like this has also been shown on the internet)
Have a ball crafts page 86-89 small balls with faces and bottle covers (cute for baby bottles except for the ties, they would kind of get in the way of nipples I would think)
Candle or bottle toppers page 90-92 tiny little topper hats, very neat idea

Page 93-94 is a section where you can look quickly at the picture of the projects in the book, this is complete with page to find the project. No having to flip pages to find the one you want.

My overall view of the book is there is nothing new to me, but there are a lot of beginner projects that would be great practice to people just learning to loom knit. There is such a variety of different projects that I would suggest making sure there is more then just one or two that you want to do before purchasing the book.

The section to teach has been well put together and is quick to go through. There are pictures and even though they are not extensive they do well to show the different processes. It is a great little book to help teach beyond the basics of loom knitting.

Unlike the other booklets put out by Provo Crafts this little book will cost you more. This is not a $1.00 booklet. I paid $15 for this one. So be prepared to fork out a few extra dollars for this one. I purchased mine at my local Walmart store.


Blogger tonilynn said...

I just got this book last week and I am working on the baby blanket. I don't quite understand the mattress finish. When you go through the loops twice and go to the next one, do you go across to the next one or down the line?? I am getting frustrated and I just can't find any info on it! Help please!!

11:14 AM  
Blogger Amoonsinger said...

Two sites to help you out. There are also videos on you tube that show the mattress stitch. Just do a simple search at youtube for mattress stitch and you will come up with many of these videos. Pick and choose or watch several of them.

11:32 AM  

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