Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Bratz Knititng machine

I bought one of these little machines just because it was said to be a couple of needles bigger then my other small machine, the Barbie one. Well, I have to say that was a total waste of money. It has to be the worst machine I have used so far and I thought one or two were worse, wrong.

The machines gate pegs have rough plastic that catches the yarn preventing it from being pulled down under the gate peg where it needs to be. So it hangs up and if you do not catch that hung up yarn (and sometimes when you do), the stitches do not knit right.

The not knitting right causes a build up of stitches on a needle and oh boy that is not good.

Let me sort of back up to when I got the machine. I picked it up from Toys R Us online for $14 plus shipping, that was a good deal because it has been $20. It got here and when I went to remove it from its package that was the most frustrating thing I have had to do for a while. It had wires holding it, those wires were clipped close so that you couldn't get a hold on them, over the wires was heavy clear packing tape.

Well, it was finally out of the box and I wondered why it had not broken in the process of package removal. This little plastic machine is so cheaply made. Every time I pick it up I am afraid it is going to fall a part just because I touched it. Yep it is that bad. Cheap, cheap, cheap. The yarn tensioner is the worst I have seen and the yarn doesn't stay in it. The machine is so light in weight it slips and slides so badly that something is needed to stabilize it. The cranking handle has a piece that folds out and it keeps collapsing as you wind the handle.

Can it get worse? Yes it can. Many of the needles also have places that catch the yarn. Sometimes this just rips the yarn, sometimes it splits it so that part of the yarn goes to the back of the machine. Then you have another mess as all the yarn can do is bunch up on the needles, again. Another huge mess, plus when you frog it (rip it back out, you know rip-it, rip-it) the yarn is split and really a mess.

So back to looking for a machine that is slightly larger then the Bratz and hopefully not such a waste of time and money dealing with.

Oh and to you parents of kids thinking about a little Bratz machine for that little one, DON'T. You will give the child a complex about how bad machine knitting really is. It is not, it is just the product. Leave this one to die.


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