Monday, July 14, 2008

Sample to be used for swiffer mop

This is the sample double decrease piece that I made last night on a Brother KX350 midgauged knitting machine. This was being talked about on a knitting group at yahoo and sounded really neat. Since my sister wants some swiffer bottoms made from cotton yarns I decided to try this.

I pointed out where I made a mistake. I forgot to pull two needles back into work after making the decreases and running the carriage. I was so tired my brain just stared at the mistake but couldn't tell me how to fix it. So I just ran two extra plain knitted rows and then started my decrease rows again. After knitting a few more rows it suddenly dawned on me how to fix the mistake but I didn't bother to go back. After all this is just to mop floors so why bother.

Now I should have started out with more plain rows of knitting, but didn't think of it at the time. The plain rows would be where it pulls over the top of the mop and tucks into the gaps. Oh well it will work anyway. I did finish off with a lot of just plain knitting and now my sister has a second mop bottom. Sorry I didn't take a picture or scan of the first one. I just gave it to her, there was nothing fancy about it, just straight knitted rows, stockinette.


Anonymous Kathryn said...

That lace pattern would make a great summer top. Your sister's swifter will be elegantly clothed.

Whenever I've waited until everyone went to bed before knitting, I've regretted it. The worst was New Year's Eve a few years ago. I was hurrying to finish a swatch and my hand slipped off my Brother 260 carriage, sending my finger slicing into one of the sharp needles. In hindsight, I probably should have gotten a few stitches. There was no way I wanted to be in the emergency room that night with all the drunks.

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