Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just updates

I still have not finished the loom knitted baby ghan I have on a double rake.  Life has its way of taking things and throwing then in the path creating huge detours in the best of plans.  So I will be working on it again and then I think I have discovered the way to do an edging that is a bit different on this piece.  

I hope to have it done soon so I can post the pattern.  It is really a nice looking afghan, and it will be great for one of the new baby's as a winter cover.  

Over the last week the only thing I have touched in the way of crafting is working on my innovations knitting machine.  I had tried a time or two to do flat panels, but failed.  Oh what a failure those were.  I had side stitches that were way too big and loops that were such a mess.  I just couldn't figure it out.

Then I started (as a result of learning a bit on the innovations machine), to learn to machine knit on my bigger machines.  So the loom knitting started me on the innovations, the innovations started me on the brother machines, and now the brother machines are bringing me full round back to things I can do on knitting looms and also how to do a flat panel on the innovations machine.

Wow, it's wonderful how one can help you learn another.  The simple trick to keeping the edges nice on the innovations machine is the same thing you do for the beginning row of machine knitting, especially in the case of something like a bond, just keep the tension tight and it will be alright.  Keep a thumb on the yarn just below the yarn guide, keeping a little sliding tension till the first needle knits and you are off an running on the row.  One more thing added to the knowledge I keep gaining.  As for the looms, well we shall see what comes about on those.


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