Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mock ribbing

I have read lots of stuff that talks about mock ribbing.  I have seen it done in a couple of videos and even done it myself on a couple of my knitting machines, but today I found something new.  Well not new, but new to me.  New names for this technique.  

I was browsing through a couple of manuals for various machines and ran across the Continental or Double rib that is said to be an elastic cast on.  I haven't heard these names mentioned before so I stopped to read and found the mock ribbing being described.

I know that there are not all the manuals for all the brother machines available but there are some on this site Knitting machine manuals for Brother machines.  From time to time I open up a new one just to look through the different machines.  

I have found some things are general to most machines, but some of the manuals have other stuff that are not in my manuals.  So it is interesting to read them or at least browse through them.  Give it a try, you might find surprises that help you along the way.  I have.

Oh and the Continental ribbing instructions show not only a 1x1 ribbing they show a 2x1 ribbing.  I was looking in the manual for the Brother KH 820.


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