Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Knit, flat knit, u-knit, pulled down knit

Someone emailed me to ask me what was the difference between these (see subject line). What is really a knit stitch and then what are the others. I had to laugh a bit about this. They are all knit stitches. Just because you make them holding the yarn different ways doesn't make them not knit stitches. The process is the same you know, you are pulling a stitch over a strand, be it wrapped around the peg U shaped, laid flat on the peg, or pulled down through the stitch to make it a bit longer, it is still a knit stitch.

So how do you know that, well take a look at them, they all go up and down, where the e-wrapped stitch goes slightly sideways.

There is a bit of a difference in the height of these different ways to do the "knit" stitch. So if you need less rows per inch then you are getting, try doing swatches in the different methods of making the "knit stitch" to see what fits your design/pattern rows per inch the best.

Just don't try to make them something they are not. The method of doing them does not make them any less then what they are, knit stitches.


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