Friday, October 03, 2008


I found a garter carriage (g-carriage) sometime back at a second hand store and bought it. It was a good price. I like it. It can be doing its thing while I play with something else.

Now I found another g-carriage on ebay and bought it. It was $175 a bit more then what I paid for the other but still a very good price.

Bummer I didn't have another g-carriage mast to use so had to go looking for one of those. I found one though a for sale group. I have bought through this lady before and she is very nice. The unit was actually cheaper then I had thought I would need to pay. So good for that.

Then I went to check out the unit and discovered it didn't have the magnets I needed. So I took the ones off of my other carriage just to check to make sure it would work. It does. So I went looking for more magnets. These things are not easy to find, but I did it. I ordered two today, plus the row tripper that wasn't on the carriage. This is the row tripper for the knitting machine. The one for the knitleader is there.

Since I already have extra cams and extra needles I am good to go there. I did see this unit called a g-carriage monitor and now I am lusting after two of those. Sometime down the road I will save up for these.


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