Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I have to let everyone know I emailed the site I ordered or thought I had ordered but didn't receive those garter carriage magnets. Now they are not open on the weekend so it took till Monday for me to hear back from them.

They said they missed the special order request that was done the way I was told to add it to my order because they, the magnets, were not available on the site. Yea, they told me they were putting them in the mail on Monday. Granted there was no mail on Monday but that is ok.

They even sent me a phone number and I called to make sure they had payment info so that there wouldn't be any problem in that area. They assured me that they still had the info and I was going to be getting these.

You know, I think I should keep my eyes out for others that might come along, or that I could run across and buy extras. You know, for that just in case type of thing. These things are not easy to find.

Sorry I didn't come back sooner to let everyone know. Work is driving me crazy. So much to do setting up a new business (well an old business under new owner).

So at night all I want to do is to sit and knit.


Blogger marisa said...

How could they be so irresponsible?
I also have a bad experience. The seller check out my charges immediately but weeks to send my parcel.

9:27 PM  
Blogger Amoonsinger said...

The order for the magnets was being done through a website where there were other parts I was ordering.

Since the the magnets were not a listed item they had to be ordered through the special notes section that the check out had.

Someone goofed and missed that special order for the magnets. Sure I was greatly disappointed but the worst thing was thinking that maybe I lost out on getting these.

You see I had been in contact with the company and they told me there was only one set of magnets left in their stock. So by missing them they could have been sold to someone else.

I am very pleased with the fast service they gave me in the return of my email and letting me know they goofed.

We are all human and that can happen, and at the least was my disappointment, and at the best is the fast response to the mistake they made. It shows a company that is concerned about their customers and I will return to them if they have other pieces I need.

Sorry to hear about your problems. Life sure does like to throw obstacle's in our path to creation of our beauties.

8:28 AM  

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