Friday, December 18, 2009

Me and yesterday

I had a perfectly lazy day yesterday. By lazy I mean I just couldn't seem to get any thing accomplished.

I started a slipper from a video I watched posted to Berta's group by Berta herself, and I really like the cuff section. So I figured I would give it a try.

To begin I had to clean up my mess around my machine. Since I have been doing crocheted, loomed and innovations hats, I had a lot of those things (crochet hooks, looms, and the innovations machine), hanging out on the back of my bulky knitting machine table. So clean up first.

That part done I started the slipper. Blew it and had to drop, frog, and start again. Blew it again, same deal, drop, frog, and start again.

I think my distractions of the day didn't help. Plus the TV program distracted me and not feeling so hot about not getting stuff done during the day didn't help.

So now I have a forth try on the machine that needs to be dropped. Left it for tonight, grabbed some yarn and started a crocheted hat. At least I know I can do that. Well, I can do the other but was just letting myself be too lax. Got to stop that.

So nothing much got done. Three rows of the hat I started, and nothing else. Went to be very dissatisfied with myself. Figures, topped off a rather bad day badly. Ever have those days? Oh of course you have so you understand totally. Ah today is another day. I start over but later for the slipper, got work to do this morning. You know that job thing that pays the money to keep the craft supplies coming.

I still haven't finished my Christmas shopping. I am in a rut on what to get a couple of people. Things just aren't as easy as just go and get something. Sometimes that something just doesn't show up to say here I am. So this weekend will be more of that shopping I have to do. I hate shopping, but oh well. I am glad that I got a lot of it done months ago.

Nothing much else to say. Oh I should give you the link to the slippers: This is her blog and there is a link to her video for it right on this page. She has lots of videos for helping to learn to machine knit. If you have a machine and need help this is one source for you to check out. Another really good source is Berta's videos. Those are great as you do not need the computer right there: I have learned a lot from these. They can be played on the computer or on my TV. I like that.


Blogger Lynne said...

That slipper was rough. I'm still a novice, but learning more everyday. I got one done doesn't fit. Isn't the size stated, but close. I think I'll make another just like it. Will fit my SIL.

2:59 PM  
Blogger Amoonsinger said...

What did you consider the "rough" part. LOL, they never seem to be the right size for the first one. The first 14 minute slipper I made was huge, even for my hubby who is a size 11 shoe. I was trying the woman's size.

5:08 PM  

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