Saturday, December 19, 2009

That slipper

I tried one more time to do that slipper with the yarn I was using, simply soft, then gave up on it. Oh not the slipper but the yarn. I switched to using pound of love yarn and now I am at the cuff part but found my eyes getting so tired they were closing as I ran the carriage. Not good at all with this machine. So I left it for later today.

I am thinking that the pound of love might be coming out a little loose for what I would want. No not for me but for someone else, so this might just be a test. I just might have to go to something like red heart. Ugh, I don't want to do that. I loved that yarn till recent changes to it have made it stiff and scratchy. I do still have some older skeins of it so maybe I need to pull those out. The old red heart was very nice yarn. Too bad they destroyed the quality of it. Now it isn't good for most of the things I use to use it for. As it stands right now I don't purchase much of it. I have gone to other brands of yarn.

I did recently use some yarn that is put out by Caron that is similar to the old red heart. I can't remember the name right off hand but I kept one of the labels to see if they are still making this yarn. It would be a good replacement for the red heart. It worked up so wonderfully.

So I have at least got a good start on this first slipper to see the size it is going to come out with using this pound of love yarn (which by the way makes the softest pieces, but not sure how durable it is for slippers). If it doesn't work out that well, there is always the next one but at least practice on making this pattern will be worth the work I put in on it.

(darn have had to edit this post several times due to spelling and grammar errors, what's up with me this morning, distracted thinking of the slipper and the shopping I have to do today, don't want to go, but have to)


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