Sunday, December 27, 2009

Working on things

In the week before Christmas day my grandson wanted to spend the night. Since the room he would normally sleep in was filled with unwrapped Christmas presents I had to take down the machine in my room to make up a pallet bed for him.

After that night I decided not to put the machine back up till Christmas presents were wrapped and out of the way. So I simply put back up the table to use for wrapping. On Christmas Eve night I put the machine back up.

Still I have not knitted on it. To late after machine was set up on the eve, busy Christmas day with family and yesterday every time I looked at that machine my mind went blank. Suffering a total burn out.

So instead of using the machine I have been doing a crohooked scarf for my youngest daughter. She had bought some homespun yarn for this scarf and asked me to make her one. I tried on the machine, it hated the yarn, started a loomed one didn't like it, then a crocheted one and again not getting what I wanted. So here I am crohooking it and I am loving the way it is looking.

Now the only thing I have worked on in the last couple of days is that scarf. Crohooking to me is a bit slower then some of the other yarn crafts I do but very often worth the little extra time. I am using a yellow moez crohook and they are just simple elegant to use, so smooth and nice feeling in the hands.

I have only a couple of the moez crohooks and have been meaning to order more. I need a couple larger then the ones I currently have. Someday soon I am going to have to get around to ordering them. This scarf is coming out so nice that I would like to see something done in the larger then the yellow hook. The trouble is I can no longer find their website. Guess I should check out their yahoo group and see what happened to the site.

NOTE: The yellow moez hook is a 12.7mm. It is quite large compared to the ones you normally find in stores.


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