Monday, February 05, 2007

Added to shopping trip

I forgot one thing that I did pick up that was a just for myself thing. We went to Barnes and Noble and I got a Andre Norton book that I didn't have (it is one of those actually written with another author, but be that as it may it is still in her witch world series). That will be a relax time mode book. I haven't cracked the book open yet as I know me, I won't be able to put it down. I also got another sign langauge book that they had on clearance. My son and I have been talking about taking a sign class together, but he has some other classes to finish up first.

Then I got a knitting book. It shows somethings in it like giving an example on how to do metered squares, and some other neat projects. Maybe some I will be able to do on the loom but for now it will go to the shelf as I am still working on designing some more baby hats. I am liking how some are turning out. So cute.

I once did a pattern from off the net that was a purled ridged hat and thought that was pretty neat so I am working some variations of that and some other stitches.

My car is running pretty good. We do think the idle is a bit high so we might have to take it back to get that adjusted but other then that it now has power again, no more dying when I come to a stop. My gas usage for the trip to Medford was cut in half, and that's always a good thing.



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