Sunday, February 04, 2007

Knitting Machines and other stuff

I purchased an additional knitting machine and just received it last week. It is a Brother chunky machine and it looks really nice.

So I figure it is about time that I started learning how to use this machines that I have. I have several DVD's that I got from a seller in the UK and I have reviewed them slightly. Only I need my machine in front of me to follow what they are doing. Well not follow, I do understand from playing around with the machines, but to do at the same time as they are doing.

So I started on re-arranging that "room" again. I really need to get the hubby busy on putting in the shelving that he got me for my yarns. Then get things arranged so he can put up my pegboard. I will use the peg board for hanging my knitting looms and make the shelves they are on now available for other yarns. It will be so much easier to just go to the board and take off a loom then to have to search though the shelves looking for the right one.

So I took hours and hours yesterday trying to figure out how to "rearrange" that room. There is just so much stuff that it was almost impossible. I then decided that many of the tubs of yarn were going to have to leave. They went to stay outdoors for now. Now I have room to move some things so the hubby can get the shelving put in. Then I can bring the tubs back in one at a time to place their contents on the shelves.

I have decided that I will no longer be doing any cross stitch. I haven't done any in years and years. So I will be putting all those books and magazine I purchased up for sale soon. I am setting up a seller account on eBay and will give someone else the chance to use them. It is a waste just to have all of them just sitting there as there are some really beautiful things in those books, booklets, and magazine. I think a lot of my plastic canvas ones will go also. Just too much stuff and with the addition of loom knitting and now pulling out the knitting machines something has to go. I have many of those books for cross stitch and plastic canvas. We had a store go out of business and I bought a lot of the books so I wouldn't have to go looking for another source. Now they just sit there waiting for someone to love them.

Today is now a shopping day. Wow, with the car back I can actually go shopping. I am not excited about it. It will be a long day and I will be way tired at the end of it, but I do plan to get to a few "play" stores while I am at it. That makes the tired a little better. I am still looking to get that little knifty knitter flower loom. Why? Just because I don't have it. Terrible huh.

I am working on some tiny baby hats. So I will take that loom with me to work on. I am using that 26 peg knifty knitter oval loom and those hats are coming out so cute.

PS: Should have added that no I am not using a pattern for those baby hats but making them up as I go. I don't want to mess with copyrights on someone elses designs. So if I design my own then I can do whatever I want with them. The first one I did is so cute.



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