Monday, October 29, 2007

Hats again and again

I am back to working some loomed hats. I am taking the lion brand boucle that I have bought and added some additional colors (an orange and a green), and am mixing the colors. These are coming out really nice.

No these are not for family, but for kids who will need something to help keep them warm this winter. So far we have had a few really cold nights but the days have warmed to a very pleasant temp, well most days, but soon that will change.

I tried two hats on one of the looms I got from CinDWood Crafts that is a 1/2" gauged round youth loom. I did one hat in a darker green color, one strand of worsted weight yarn. I like that this one is not loose but it is also not so heavy as working with a double strand of worsted on a large gauged loom.

I next tried a one strand green boucle on that same loom and it is wonderful, but I wanted to mix and match the yarns so the 1/2" gauged loom would make the hat a bit thick for what I need/want. I grabbed the trusty old green knifty knitter loom and am making hats on it now.

So far I have one hat in boucle sorbet, one hat with sorbet and orange in a mixing of the orange and sorbet per each row, one hat with vertical stripes on the sorbet plus orange using two and two pegs, now I am working a horizontal stripes hat with the same orange and sorbet doing three rows of each started with a cuffed brim in the sorbet. I think the next will be a two by two spiral of orange and sorbet.

Gee I hope I have spelled that sorbet right, don't know for sure and am too tired to go running for my bag with the yarn label. Oh well doesn't much matter, it is a very pretty variegated yarn and mixes well with the orange. I think it will also mix well with the pink, blue, and green solid colors I have.

It is kind of surprising how many ways you can mix two colors and have a different look to the mix. I have quite a lot of these to do and I want them to all have their own look so the kids won't have to worry about getting hats mixed up if they are all in the same general area.

I will start to get pictures of them soon.


Blogger Sorka said...

It will be a parade of hats!!
Sounds good!

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