Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Double Rake Afghan

I have come to about 75% of the afghan I am working on being done.  I was to take pictures of it but my camera is at my son's house.  Their camera went down and we want pictures of baby Andrew.  This is good for me as well as for them.  I left my SD card in the camera, they will copy pictures to their computer or card, and I will have pictures of my grandson left on my card.  Works out great all the way around.  Well, except for the fact that I do not have my camera to take picture of the afghan.  

So I am driving home today thinking about getting my camera back for the weekend when it dawns on me that I bought my sister a camera and it is hardly ever used.  There has been an extra camera in the house the whole time and I have not even thought of it.  Doesn't that make you feel like you are having a duh moment?  Well, it does me.

So I am not going to worry about getting my camera right away.  I will just place one of my extra SD cards in my sisters camera (I have many of them), and take some pictures tomorrow.  I did the store thing today as my daughter wound up needing help with major shopping and two kids in tow.  I didn't mind one bit.  

Me and Mason went to the toy isle and picked out a couple of "Cars".  Mom tried to talk him out of one as he already has it but it was the one he wanted.  What's the deal, two cars the same only means two times the fun.  Doesn't she understand that one.  She did try to talk him into something else but it wasn't working one bit.  When she finally gave up and told him ok, he gave her the biggest smile and a huge thank you (he is very polite).

Then we went to find one of those little snack trays with the ham, cheese, and crackers.  We found a perfect set.  There are two trays with just enough for two little snacks for a little boy.

The best thing is that mom went to change the baby and feed him and we sat to wait for her to come back and the cousins showed up.  My son was in the store with his two oldest boys (mom was at the doc's office with baby Andrew).  Mason does love his cousins, Payton and Carter. Carter is a little shy with Mason but Payton has that big brother attitude with him. It is really cute and an excellent way for Mason to learn to develop that same thing for when his brother Tanner is bigger. Mason told me the other day to remember that babies are not toys, so you cannot play with them till they are bigger. ROFLOL (good job mom and dad)

I told the boys it was perfect timing as grandma wanted to go get them a little something. They already had an idea of what they wanted. So I got them the DVD of the Alvin movie. Even better it came with a CD of music sung by Alvin and his brothers. They also got little snacks. It isn't very often I get a chance to have all the boys right there and this was special.

So I hope to have the pictures of the afghan, even though not completed, tomorrow and then in a day or two get them posted. I will try to post the instructions for it as soon as I can get them written up. It is a simple little board afghan, very easy to do.


Blogger Crystal said...

Can't wait until I have grandkids... But have to get through the kids first! LOL! Looking forward to the afghan instructions... You never can have too many patterns to choose from! :-)

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