Saturday, March 15, 2008

The other new one

The second grand baby is finally here. Tanner Travis came at 8:45am yesterday, March 14. Now I have two grands born on this day, my oldest grand, Trenton is also a March 14 baby, but yesterday he turned 13.

Tanner joined us weighting in at 10lbs 7ozs, and is 22 inches long. Wow, and we thought his brother Mason was big a 10lbs 4oz, 22". Tanner just had to go and beat his brother out by a little bit at least. ROFLOL

We walked into the room, papa and I, and daddy instantly handed me Tanner. Guess what, a second grand baby that I have held before tons of other family. I must be on a good run.

I moved the blanket and what do I see but a miniature little Mason. Yep he looks just like his brother, but with cheeks a little fatter. Papa says those cheeks must be where the extra ounces are. I think he might be right.

So we visited a bit then when other family started to show, grandma arrived, we took off to go see the other grand baby, Andrew. Papa hadn't been able to get over to see baby Andrew and we took advantage of papa being off yesterday. He got to see the real difference in a baby and a half grown baby all in the same day and Baby Andrew has already grown some.

Now for the bad news. After seeing both of the boys yesterday I headed to work to send off a couple of checks that were signed by my signer and on the way there I started to not feel so good. I got pains started in my tummy that got really bad. After arriving at work I spent the next hour in real pain in the "ladies room". I then decided just to head home. I was doing a little better but the drive home saw me having the same thing build up again.

After getting home I was in as much pain as I had gotten to before arriving at work. I laid down for a bit thinking that something I ate must not have agreed with me. Then I called another family member to tell her that Tanner had arrived and then told her that I wasn't going to talk long because I had eaten something that didn't agree with me. Well, I guess I didn't. She told me she had the same thing a few days before, the evening after she had been here. Then her hubby had it and now me.

Great. Now I cannot go back to the hospital to see Tanner again. It is bad enough that I was already there, but I had no clue. I had been feeling just fine till this suddenly hit. I called both parents to tell them the bad news and my daughter says well this will not be the first time he is exposed. That doesn't get it for me though. He is so brand new he has no time to build up any type of resistance to this kind of thing. I also don't get to see him for a while now. Bummer.


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