Saturday, March 15, 2008

Knitting pal help for stitches

I have the worst trouble knitting on the pal. The stitches constantly want to come off the pegs. I did it again at the end of a row where where I started the new row. It is really hard to keep the stitches on those pegs and I get so frustrated with loosing them.

Then this morning it dawned on me. Weights. I use weights for the brother knitting machine and for innovations machine, so why not for the knitting pal. I am going to try that later, well as soon as I am feeling better. I figure I will use my forks as they might fit better then the claw weights. I have about eight or nine forks bent for using as weights. It wouldn't take much just mostly on the ends where I have the most trouble.

At least I caught it fast and didn't loose the whole piece. I slap myself for not quiting a bit sooner when I realized I was getting tired.


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