Friday, March 21, 2008

Needles found and received

Someone send an email saying to contact Needle Tek about getting needles for the 341 brother machine.  So I emailed them on the 1, and later the next day got an answer that they did have some.

So the next morning, the 19th, I called and ordered 25.  Amazing I got home from work yesterday, the 20th, and those needles were here.  I know they are only a state away from me but this is the fastest service ever.

So now I have a back up of 27 needles for this machine and I feel more comfortable about using it.

I am still waiting for my ribber bed needles to get here and as soon as they do I will set up the ribber.  Not that I plan to really use it yet but I do want to know the proper way to set it up.  I figure there is going to be a learning curve on this one, at least for me.  

I have finished a few loomed hats for the newest grands, but am still working on finishing afghans.  Wow, at this rate they will be grown before I am done.  I have had so many other things get in the way.  Now I seem to be getting more time to work on things.


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