Thursday, March 13, 2008

ISP blocks

I am really sick to death of being blocked by isp's just because I have a yahoo address.

Yep, it is happening again. Just because I use yahoo doesn't make me a spammer and when they lump all yahoo addresses as one bad thing they really insult those of us who are decent people.

Oh I know they are trying to protect their clients but darn, it's like saying just because someone has had a bad experience with a doctor therefore all doctors are bad, or just because you are a certain color then you must be a gang member, or just because you are old you must be a grandparent, or just because you have long hair you must be a hippie, or you are blond so you must be an idiot, oh come on right, like I believe all that. Sure.

So I opened up my hotmail account, my one that gets most of the junk I receive, just to test something.

Here is some of the stuff I find in my junk box (those that made it there and I didn't open everything):

Then I opened my yahoo account:

Well, look at that, there is one yahoo in the bunch. So I guess that makes all yahoo address as bad as all those others posted here. Come on give me a break. I think there is a problem with how they determine a spammer.

So bellsouth, comcast, charter (I am a charter customer, pay them an arm and leg every month for cable and highspeed internet), and all you others find a decent way to tell the difference between someone spamming and someone trying to answer one of "your" customers who has emailed me.

Humm maybe yahoo should be listing your customers as spammers. Wouldn't that just be perfect. No one could ever contact anyone else ever again.

No, I refuse to give up my yahoo address and start over at another place. I have been told use your isp address. I don't think so. Besides, like I said, I am a charter customer and I get spam from charter customers. Isn't that just the icing on the cake. ROFLOL


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