Tuesday, June 03, 2008

This is the stool that my hubby, Shaun, converted over to be a stand for my innovations. In this first picture you can see the hole he drilled out in the center of the stool seat and the notches for the legs to sit in.

The second picture shows the machine sitting on the stand.

That first picture shows the poor old rug in this room. Someday we really will have to replace this rug but for now it is only my crafting room and I just don't care if the rug is old and ugly.

You also get a quick look at the project on the machine right behind this innovations machine and the front of the machine it is being knitted on.  This is a Brother KH 930 machine that Jane gave to me.  It is a standard gauged knitting machine with a few built in patterns.  The one currently being done is a thread lace piece.  This is the machine that has been teaching me what not to do.  Poor thing, I have already broken two needles on it.


Blogger sunshine said...

that is so cool I wish I had one. I would want mine to be a bar stool so I could sit at a normal height chair and be able to make most of a scarf with out it all bunching up.

5:10 AM  
Blogger Amoonsinger said...

It is a bar stool, and I do sit at it in a regular chair.

If you notice the knitting machine in the background of the one picture you can see the innovations machine is slightly below the height of the knitting machine.

This slight difference makes it very easy to sit at the machine in your everyday chair (my is a computer chair that I use), and knit away with out having to reach funny distances or strain yourself.

6:02 AM  

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