Monday, June 16, 2008

Light Bulbs

Now this one is scary.  I bought these "energy saver", "environment saver" light bulbs.  Then I read the package.  They came out of my house faster then they went in.  They might save energy,  and the environment but at what cost to my grands, children, my husband, sister, and myself, not to mention possible visitors to my home.

Light bulbs many of us like to use,  to be a thing of past, your reps are doing it again, controlling your life and putting you in danger

Watch this person talking about these bulbs and what your representatives want to do to you.  Since when do I need them telling me what kind of light I can use in my house.  Looks like I might have to buy a lot of candles in the future as I will not use those bulbs.  I will not put my family in the kind of danger that my reps are willing to.  What are they all crazy or is  it some new money scam?  When it comes to the reps in Congress, I do expect them to scam me out of as much money as they can get and boy do they get a lot.

Thank you Rep. Ted Poe of Texas for standing up for the people.  I am shocked and surprised as the reps in Oregon became traitors to the people by joining in on the bills for this green garbage stuff but very pleased to hear that not everyone in Congress has forgotten the people they "serve", yep I said serve.  I heard my choice for voting in the election state he was going to support the green bill.  Darn now I have to find someone new to vote for.  He lost the votes of four people in this house, and as of today at least five others of my family.  I know nine votes doesn't seem like a lot but sometimes it is the little things that count.


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