Friday, September 05, 2008


I managed to get a couple of rows done on the loom wedged piece last night, but only about three or four of them. It was slow as I was tired.

I needed a place to put the canning goods I am doing. So yesterday I decided to rearrange the outside closet and put in the plastic shelving I bought. Oh boy did that start something. I took out the old metal shelf that is on wheels, but because of the way it is built doesn't allow for putting much on it.

So I got the shelf out, and the two new shelf units in. These do not have wheels so I decided to place them on some appliance rollers I bought a few weeks ago. Now they can be wheeled out if we need to do so and we will not have to unload those shelves to do so.

The hubby came home and saw what I had done and said oh this is not going to work, what if I have to get to the water heater. I told him about the wheels and he looked and then said that would work. So he stopped worrying.

One thing lead to another and I continued by moving things from one cabinet to another, then an inside closet stuff to a cabinet. What started out to be a couple of hours project turned into one of those all day and half the evening marathon projects. I put stuff used a lot in places easier to get to, and stuff that is the not frequently used in places that we don't go all time.

My hubby does most of the placing of can goods when we go shopping and his mind just doesn't work the same way mine does. In fact neither does his body. You see he has no problem putting can goods on this shelf over here, or there. He can reach any of those at any old time, but me and sis, well a totally different story. The hubby is 6'4", I am 5'2", and sis is 5'1". Can we say lots of step ladders? ROFLOL

Now I have all the can goods in places that we can reach them (me and sis) without ladders and my things like seal a meals and my food process stuff, plus my vacuum sealers in places where I have to have a ladder to get to them (all except the one I use the most), but they are not an every day use item. I use them maybe once a month but more often it is every two to three months. So why do I need them right to hand.

The hubby said he won't be able to find anything now. I did take him on a guided tour, but he will need reminders till he gets use to the new areas. Oh well, he is not the one that mostly has to go find these things.

Yea, yea I know, housework type of stuff, but you know if things are in easier places, then it is faster to get to them and then you are done faster and you have more time left over. Well, at least that is the general idea.


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