Friday, October 03, 2008

The nightmare scarf

So I finished that Harry Potter scarf, in red heart gold and burgundy, on that innovations machine. It was what I consider a nightmare time of knitting. Right up to the two sections of burgundy it gave me trouble. Then I managed to get through two burgundy and one gold with no trouble. Twenty to twenty-one evenings (give or take a few) of working on this piece to get it completed. A few steps forward many steps backward is what it took.

So I decided that while the fight was in me I would start the hat. Wow, the hat went round and round, off the machine, gathered, and ends hidden in about an hour. Amazing.

The only thing I can think is that as the scarf got longer the weight was what was causing the problems. Well, the weight of the knitted fabric plus the weight of the yarn itself.

The hat being done, I decided to start the scarf for my other grandson. For this scarf and hat I had decided to use Caron Simply Soft, in Autumn Red and Mango. Very pretty colors these are.

So I started the scarf really expecting to have to fight as the weight of this fabric grew. No such un-luck. The scarf was done in about seven hours. A couple the first night and the rest the night after. After that I got the hat done in less time the other one.

So it must be that the red heart yarn is just thicker then the needles of the innovations likes when the fabric grows.

So now I am working at finishing off the ends of the scarves, did them on waste yarn. I picked up the stitches on one and put on needles to kitchener the ends.

I am going to have to make another of these scarves. It kind of surprised me that the simply soft one, with the same amount of rows, done with the same amount of stripes is longer then the red heart one. It is much too long for a five year old child. So now I have to adjust the rows to be knitted to make it shorter. After all you need the right amount of stripes.

Then I will have to make another hat as the first one will not match up with the rows of the second scarf. Also I think the first simply soft hat will also be a bit too big for my grandson. He just turned five yesterday.


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