Friday, September 26, 2008

Maybe a new loomer

I had to take my sister to the doc today so I took along my loom that I have the wedged piece on. I was sitting working waiting for her to get out when a lady asked what I was doing.

So I told her it was loom knitting and showed her the loom. I actually handed it to her. I did explain that the one I was working on was a more expensive one but that there were cheaper ones available for people to start out on. I told her that I advised people to get the cheaper looms to try before putting a lot of expense into looms.

She was holding the loom with such a look of surprise. Then she told me that she had lost the site in her right eye. As a result of that she couldn't handle crocheting any more, but that she thought she could do this.

Just before she came to sit down, while she was checking in, I heard her say that winters here were bringing her down. She said that it is so dreary for seven months and if she had the money she would move.

After she sat down and talked with me for a bit. Examined the loom I had they came to call her to the back. She got up and said, I think you just saved me from another long boring winter. She looked at the nurse and said I think this lady just saved me.

You see I also had a brightly colored loom in my bag. You know one of those from Craft Etc. I had pulled it out to show her as it is like the knifty knitters. She got excited as she remembered seeing them at Walmart.

I think I see another loom knitter in the making. She left me in such a different frame of mind then when she had first sat down.

I have from time to time had some interest, people ask questions, and I have even given advice on ones to buy, but this was so different. It left me with a feeling of having done such good with out even trying. Ah the wonders of the world.


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