Thursday, May 25, 2006


Starting wrap for the K2P2 stitch.

E-wrap pegs 1&2 bottom row
E-wrap pegs 1&2 top row
E-wrap pegs 3&4 bottom row
E-wrap pegs 3&4 top row
Continue in pattern

Notice the gap between each two sets of pegs bottom and top rows? This gap is what prevents the stitches from laying back to back and forces the piece into a single knit piece where the purls lay between the two knit stitches.

The smaller the gauged looms will tighen up this stitch into a more ribbed look. I don't have a really small gauged loom to show you this. So you will have to experiment on your own.

Wrap the following rows for the K2P2 following the same path as the first row. Each row is wrapped in the same direction as the one before.

Before beginning the K2P2 with no twist set a base row in whatever is your favorite cast on. You can use the figure eight, the long tail or the lucet or another of your choice.

This wrap goes around two pegs at the two and two pegs at the bottom at one wrapping.

This is the K2P2 wrap that I have seen a couple of places. I don't much like this one on the large gauged boards as it leaves much longer strands between the stitches and it looked funny when I was swatching it.

This could be ok on a smaller gauged board but I didn't try it as I didn't have a board empty to do so and my smallest gauged boards are 1/2". If you have something smaller give it a try and let me know how it works out.

It is wrapped with two pegs on the bottom then skipping two pegs.
Bottom row wrap pegs 1&2,
top row skip pegs 1&2 wrap pegs 3&4,
bottom row, skip pegs 3&4 wrap pegs 5&6
top row skip pegs 5&6 wrap pegs 7&8

Mason's K2P2 baby ghan.

I first started experimenting with the K2P2 stitch when I got a little better on the double rake looms. I picked up a drawn diagram from the yahoo group frame_knitting. The drawing is done free hand by Lynn Carpenter. There are several stitches on Lynn's drawing and they are very easy to follow.

The previous K2P1 stitch instructions came about by looking at the K2P2. It stood to reason that if I skipped wrapping a peg on the purl row I would have only one purl. Duh, yes that makes sense. So I played with it and am still playing with it while I make another baby ghan.

Now as you play with this stitch you will notice that while on one side you have a K2P1, on the other side you are going to have the opposite. So this will not look the same on both sides. Each side will be slightly different but just as pretty.

Ok now go have fun playing. These are not hard stitches to wrap and they will give you more options on using your double rake.



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Great pictures! The written words on the pics are hard to see though.

8:41 PM  
Blogger Amoonsinger said...

I thought they might be after I posted. I plan to redo them tomorrow. I want people to at least be able to read the comments. Thanks for looking and letting me know.

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