Friday, May 12, 2006

A little slow

Things are a little slow for me right now, so I though this little turtle was the prefect picture to present here. I am still feeling rather worn from being sick and I just don't feel like doing much of anything.
** this is an update as I just noticed that I forgot to say that this turtle pattern is from Mary Meyer. I am not sure where it might be located on the net but that is where I got it from. Mark is a tatter of such talent that one would wish to be like him. His turtle here is just a tiny example of the work he does. Check the web to find more on Mark and his wonderful books that you can purchase.

I hear all the time how people got injuried, had surgery, or just been sick and they love sitting back just forgetting everything in the extra time to craft. Why not me? When I am not feeling well I just want to sleep. I certainly do not want to craft. That is the furthest thing in my mind.

Over a period of days I thought well others do it so why not give it a try. I brought my knitting looms to the bed and attempted to sit and knit. No way. I couldn't concentrate, the lite brezze though the window made me drowsy, and I wound up slipping back into a restful sleep. So much for the effort. Each time I tried it, I failed. Ah doomed to sleeping and healing faster. No rest for the wicked as they say(well not the resting while crafting type of rest, just that heavy sleep it off kind). I can't remember being wicked but I must have been.

I am starting to watch the mailman's comings now. I ordered three extra fine gauged sock looms from DA and they should be here anytime now, but that mailman isn't being kind enough to get put them in my mailbox. I know he is hiding them in the back of that mail truck just watching me looking for them. The box is nailed down so I cannot pick it up to shake it. So I am doomed to not knowing if there is a pocket that things can hide in till they are ready to present themselves. Ah well, any day now those new looms will decide to come out of hiding. Besides, I have no energy to work on looms anyway, so what's the big deal. Those new looms probably know I will look at them, carress them and then have to put them away for awile. So they are taking an extended vacation before getting here.

Well, off to work. I have bunches to accomplish today and not one urge to get to it.


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