Monday, May 01, 2006

Busy, Busy

I need to make a new one of these. I think I would redesign it a bit but not by much. This one has done me well for many years. It is just done using scraps of polycord but given that our shower has limited space and not one shelf for things like shampoos and other stuff this has been very handy. It came from a pattern for making a piece that holds toilet tissue but I added extra pockets for other stuff and rings for razors. Next time I would change the side strips that hold the bottles in making them wider or more of them. I would also add additional cords to make the whole piece a bit wider then it is right now. It works quite well and it was a great use of all those scraps I built up from doing plant hangers. Well, this was just for show and tell anyway, I don't have time to do one soon.

Sorry, haven't had time to update. I was working on a project that was a tester, fun huh, for an internet friend and work has consumed a lot of time this past week.

I did get back to those swatches I have been making, Bety having gotten me started. I don't have scans yet but I have done an e-wrap stockinette, a stockinette, and I started one that is almost finished that is coming out really different. This last one, still being on the board, is a knit and purl as you would do the knit and purl on the round looms.

I say it is different but I am not quite sure yet I even like it. It really does look different then anything I have knitted on a board. I found that to do this as I wanted I had to fudge the wrapping at the beginning of the swatch. I think this is what started the look it now has. I will have to do another, not fudging to see what happens with it.

No more work has been done on the reversible colored swatch. I have been letting it sit so that what I have done to try to fix the messy sides will fade in memory and maybe I can come up with some new ideas on how to straighten that problem.

Today is payday so work on any knitting is out of the question. I always seem to have way to much in front of me to worry about anything else. I do not need employees of the business upset because I am busy with what I think is important. It's bad enough that one growls at me because I cannot always fit the time he thinks that check should be available. Gee I get checks out hours before we use to get them, I work at making sure that they are available with a lot of banking time for the day left over. I hate it when I keep getting that "Well at my last job they...." Well, that was a different employer, a different city, heck even a different state, and I am not going to mix and match to suit anyone, but there is always this little threat hanging around me of if I don't.... Get then I will.... Well you get the picture. What's up with that. I am only doing what I have to do to get to where I need to be so that you can get to where you want to be as soon as that to be can be. End of gripe. ROFLOL

I wanted to get pictures of the two more swatches I have done, actually scans as they show up better, but just didn't have the time over the weekend. It was beautiful and besides the test I was doing there was so much else to do. I even had to take a trip to Walmart yesterday. There is always those things needed to do yard work that you didn't think of till it was time to do it. So that trip got most of that. We got new inhose sprayers, a pump sprayer, weed and grass killer, bug killer (the ants in the valley have been so terrible over the last several years), stuff for the pool, gee chlorine has been getting more an more expensive. We need a new hand weed whacker, but the hubby wants to check for one that would be an attachment for his chain pole chain saw. He has a big one on wheels but it whacks the trees too hard and takes the bark right off, so a smaller is needed. We don't want to hurt the trees. It is so sad to see them bleed by our misconduct. LOL, can you tell we love our trees. I am always so sad when one dies. Boy, I forgot to get the spray to kill of bees nests. Spring is only beginning and we already have several in trees and on the house. Mustn't let them get to big those creatures get very nasty when disturbed and with grands running around all summer that is not nice.

No I didn't get yarn or other stash goodies. I actually avoided that area. No telling what could have caught my eye. As it was a wind chime did catch my eye. It was only $20 and is 55"L x 7.5" W x 7.5" D. This is bigger then any I have gotten so far. Most of mine are little ones all over the cedar tree outside my bedroom window. This one also has a bronze finish. We hung it up right away next to the largest other aluminum wind chime I have, over on the plum tree, close but not right next to the bedroom window. When the breeze started last evening (we get one of these almost every night during the spring, and summer) the sound of these two chimes just accented each other so wonderfully. I need another. Someone needs to tell the kids that mothers day is not all that far away and these are not all that expensive. Maybe they would take a hint.


Blogger Kansas A. said...

I absolutely love the shower hanger MaryJeanne, what a great idea!

8:27 AM  
Blogger Amoonsinger said...

I did adjust the pattern to fit my needs but I wish it had been my idea. I have used this same design for book hangers, and a tissue holder for the bathroom. Thanks, I do so enjoy all kinds of crafting.

11:02 AM  

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