Monday, May 15, 2006

Criss Cross Baby Ghan

This is what I am working on right now. Boy is this one hard to wrap on the S loom. This is a 36" S loom from CinDWood Crafts, the yarn is a red heart baby soft one strand two different colors. The pattern is the criss cross that makes the waffle look.

The problem is not the wrapping for the two different rows but rather that on the curves the pegs for the inner curve come really close to each other while on the outer curve the pegs are really far apart. This makes the wrapping a bit harder to accomplish. I keep messing up and skipping two pegs rather then one and then I have to unwrap to get it right. That makes for a much slower process of wrapping for this one.

Other then the wrapping, you probably want to know about that one strand of baby yarn to wrap with. The criss cross forms a waffle pattern that with two strands of worsted on a large gauged loom is very thick. This is the pattern I am considering using to make that coat pattern from It would make a very nice thick coat and very decorative also. With the one strand of baby yarn the patter still shows the waffle pattern but is very lacy and open in the weave. Now since this ghan is for a summer baby, due at the beginning of July now, a light weight ghan is what I am after and I do think this will do if I don't blow that wrapping. I just need to take great care with it. As you can see it is barely out the bottom of the loom so you really cannot see much of the pattern yet. I figure about a week till there is enough to get a really good picture of the pattern.



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