Tuesday, April 25, 2006

These are some pictures of what I have been playing with. So far I am not at all happy with the sides of the swatches. I have tried several different methods of making the stitches on the ends and all of them fail, some much worse then others but still failures. I will keep trying.

If you look at some of the pictures that show the sides well you will see just what I am talking about. This swatch really has several different types of ways to wrap the ends and it is almost always the same thing, pull distorted stitches on the sides. Now this is only on one side of the red and one side of the white. The stitches on the opposite side are fine all the way up the piece.

Last night I just sat and worked on one of these swatches. Wow, I frogged that thing more then I care to count. I got to the point of wanting to throw the whole thing in the garbarge, but restrained myself through sheer will power and getting up to walk away, a lot. I am not only still trying to make the sides look better, I decided I needed to try different stitches to make this as well. Oh and I changed the colors I am using. Actually I only changed the red to blue. It is so much easier to see.

It may be that in the long run I will have to do a crocheted edge to pretty up those sides but I am, if nothing else, stuborn and have not given up yet. Right now I am running on the "I think I Can" and refuse to give it up.

Oh I know you cannot see much of it but that is a little board from DA. It is one with wood pegs. This little one has been handy for playing more then once. It is so light weight that holding it is like almost having nothing in your hands. I can also use one strand of worsted to do my playing and not be bothered by extra strands while playing. I do like that.

All in all, I am not a designer. Can you tell. I much prefer to have it done by someone else for my knitting pleasure, but this one has grabbed a hold of me and won't let go. So no matter if someone else comes up with something, I have to do this, even if it should take me the rest of the year to get it. LOL


Anonymous Isela said...

I know it is probably not what you want, but how about just doing the first/last stitch only one color. Then only the middle ones will have the double sided color?

I admire your determination. I will cheer you on :)

8:36 AM  
Blogger Amoonsinger said...

I had thought about that but I really want to make the piece all one color per side. Thanks for the cheering, on this one I think I need it.

8:59 AM  

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