Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bobbles on a round loom

Well the first picture is not so great but at least you can see the bobble that I tried to get really close to. These are bobbles knitted on a flat piece on a round knifty knitter blue loom.

Ok how did I do this. It was actually very simple. I wrapped and knitted off right to the point where I wanted a bobble. Then I tried a couple of different things. First on the bottom rows you see I would wrap the peg at the top, above the current stitch. Then lifting that bottom stitch I reached up with the pick and pulled that new wrap to the bottom of the peg. I then did this same thing four more times always keeping the main stitch at the top of the peg. Now knit off those five you just pulled below, right over the top of that stitch you pulled them through. Now you have five stitches sitting on the one. One bobble made.

For the top row I tried something a little different. I knitted to the point of placing a bobble. This is the same as above. Wrap the pegs up to the bobble and knit them off. Now wrap the peg that you want the bobble on five times. Lift the bottom wrap, this is the one that was already on the peg, pulling it a bit to lift it over the five wraps you just did, placing it at the top of the peg above your five new wraps. Now knit off those five new wraps over the top of that stitch old stitch you lifted to the top of the peg. One bobble made.

One difference that I noticed in these two is that the second wrap will take some adjustment of the bobble when the knitting gets long enough to get to it. It is a little bit more compacted and you could leave it that way but I wanted it to be a bit fluffier so I just used the pick to straighten the wraps up.

Ok one more thing to do on the round loom for accent. I hope someone has fun with this one. Now Isela has made bobbles with different method, so go check out her blog to see how she did them:



Blogger Crystal said...

I like your bobble method better than Isela's, as hers uses the flat stitch and puts the bottom/first stitch on the peg after the 5 or however many you're going to do are knitted, and then puts the last one on top and knits over. I think your way is easier and if I have occasion to do bobbles again, I'll be using this. Thanks! I've found so many helpful posts here--this being just one of them!

12:42 PM  
Blogger Amoonsinger said...

Well, thanks. I do like this bobble. I think it takes a little more work but it also looks more like my needle knitted bobbles. So that is a plus for me.


5:53 PM  

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