Monday, June 05, 2006

Well, it didn't work out as planned. I was suppose to baby sit today but it had to be here at my home. My youngest son doesn't have a car and I must take him to school. Babysitting was to start at 9am and school starts at 11am. Things got messed up.

The DIL got up and went to work. They only have one car so no way to bring the kids here and the carseats were in the car so no way for me to get them and bring them here. So I did a work day at home instead. Yea, lots of fun that.

This past Saturday I received a package from a friend. She had been given some things in in them was a tatting needle, size 5, and three tatting books. One of the books is the DMC Festive Tatting. I didn't have that one. The other two books are by Barbara Foster for needle tatting. There are two books named "Needle Tatting Book 1" and "Needle Tatting Book 2". I cannot be for sure yet as I haven't pulled out my Learn to Needle Tat Step By Step, but I think these two books are that same book combined. They are much older then the book I have so it is quite possible that Ms Foster combined the two into one. The pictures are all black and white except for the front cover ones.

I am working motif #3 out of the DMC book but boy what a mess that one is. I had to use the picture to translate as the entire thing seems to read wrong. Twice I have had to do the second inner motif over. Too bad, I do hope that some of the others are not as badly written. At least you get a general idea of ring sizes and the picture can help from there.

Ok back to work. I have bunches more to do tonight.



Blogger Meilynne said...

I googled myself and found your blog. Love it! I've just been lurking occasionally on the kk yahoo group - just too busy to do everything I want to. Thanks for linking me, and I will do the same for you.

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