Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Butterfly Looms

Oh my this is so funny. Remember I said I purchased a couple of butterfly looms. Well, I sat this morning and with the little DVD I made the very first square on one. Oh how hilarious. This is nothing but a For Love and Money loom in a flat square. It isn't even as easy as a for love and money loom when it comes to the tie offs.

For example, the love and money looms are like the knitting looms. They have pegs around the sides and the whole center section is open. So when you do your tie offs for the intersections of yarn, you have nothing in the way. So you make your knotting up and down with, as I said, nothing in the way.

With the butterfly loom you have a flat board. When you start to knot the intersections that board is in the way. You have to actually make sure your needle goes under all the strands as if you don't catch one you could loose the whole piece.

So now I have flat love and money looms. All is not lost though. I did learn another way to join the finished pieces then what I had known before now. Then the two looms that I purchased might just make a slightly different size of square, but I would have to try my other looms to see how close they come. Oh yes, I have had love and money looms for years and years and years. I have the entire set, plus the small square one.

So if you want to do this technique of crafting with yarn, try to find those love and money looms first. You can often get the entire set for less then what you pay for just one of these butterfly looms, but you are going to get the same type of square, if you got the square loom as the butter fly one. Then there is the other love and money that make the funny shapes (gee just cannot remember the name for the sides of those, maybe because I am still laughing about it).



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