Friday, February 23, 2007


My goal in life was always working towards having children and thus grandchildren. All in the effort so I could be the grandmother that other kids had but I never did. My grandmothers were OK, but one was very strict being of the old school that thought children should be seen, but rarely and never heard. The other grandmother being one who picked her favorites and the rest were just a byproduct that she sometimes had to deal with and roughly at that.

So now I have my children and I even picked up extras along the way. I was pretty good about picking up strays, but they are good strays. Rather I should say they picked up me and I choose to keep them. The more the better as they too picked up partners that got added to the mix. Don't take me wrong about that word "stray". It is really a good word. They strayed into my heart and there they stay. See a good stray.

Now I am at a point where all my children be they directly from me or one of my "strays" have given me grands. Not many mind you, there definitely could be more and someday will be, but enough that I get to be that grandma. I spoil but don't. I am strict but not. I overdo at times then don't. Ah but that's a part of being a grandma. You must mind but lets have that fun along the way.

I have worked along with parents to help these little ones learn the art of sharing. Isn't that a wonderful thing. Well it should be, but is not always. My grands have learned to share way more then I ever expected. Recently one shared with me his very bad cold, and now another has shared his flu. Isn't being a grandma wonderful. I love it but maybe I helped to teach sharing way too well.

Anyway, just thoughts for the moment.



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hehehe, the joys of sharing :)

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