Sunday, February 11, 2007

Knitting Pal

I started to rearrange that room to get a knitting machine set up. I always tend to forget what a huge job that is and when I am done I am way to tired to want to do some things. So the room is set but the machines are still sitting in the corner.

I ran across my knitting pal while I was moving some things. So I decided that I hadn't worked on it in quite a while so I sat one of the sets up (I have several), and did a base of two rows in a dark green worsted in stockinette. Then I added a blue and a lighter color of green as second and third colors. I worked a simple knit the first and second pegs left to right and then back to peg two for a right to left, then repeated that starting at peg three.

After that I switched to stitch number 3. Boy that is one I had been trying to get down and just couldn't keep track of the peg count. I think I have it now, but that travel over two pegs for a count of 10 sure is a hard one to keep track of. No distractions needed for sure on this one.

I figured this time around I really needed to learn how to fix that mistake that can happen, you know the ones those of you who use pals. That mistake that happens when you though the needle went through the stitch but you simply wind up wrapping with one of those needles and no new stitch was made. So now I can fix that one. Then there is the one where you didn't catch the stitch before right and you have split the yarn, well that's ones a go now also. There is also the dropped stitch, this is the simple drop, not a complex one, I am not ready for complex yet.

So now I know how to fix several simple mistakes and the piece is coming along OK. I do have a tiny section at the beginning of one section where there is something I did wrong as there is a small gap where there should be none, but since this is practice I will leave it be for now. When it is further along and that section is long enough to lift and see the right side of it. I will see what I did there, or not. LOL

I still am liking how you can travel so far in so little amount of time with duplicate needles, but I think for now the three is what I should stick to. Later I will add more just to see a project grow faster then this one is, not that it isn't fast.



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