Saturday, February 17, 2007

Lace Hats

I have now completed several lace hats but still have to write up what I did. I used the pink oval and blue knifty knitter looms to start my working up of the designs, and I used a two strands of different baby yarns.

Now I am working those same patterns on the green knifty knitter loom in one strand of worsted weight yarn, to check over what I wrote down to make sure I am getting it right. Oh these first two larger hats are so lacy looking. They will be great hats for someone who just wants a little head cover but not something that is going to be too warm in the spring summer time. I like them.

I still have several other patterns that I made up to duplicate on a larger loom. I have the brim section of one started but I was getting too tired last night to start on the actual lace portion of the pattern.

I have discovered some simple ways to complete yarn overs, and knit together stitches so that is is much easier to do. Even a decrease of three stitches into one is now not hard at all for me. I will put how I did this in the files when I am ready to actually take them from the binder to the computer. It does pay to play as you can learn so much by doing so. I am very pleased with myself.

For a couple I might need to have someone help by taking extra pictures of the technique to show how it is done. I am hoping to get my son to help with this. Sometimes he is amendable, sometimes he is just way too busy. I shall have to catch him at the right moment.

Now my grandson is here visiting. He got here Thursday night and the week we had planned to have him at his dads, has now been shortened to leaving on Monday. Bummer but the schools where he lived had so many snow days that they had to shorten holiday weeks to almost nothing and then they will still have add on days at the end of the school year. Ah is all a part of getting their education time in but it sure is a bummer for us. Tonight we are having a family outing to a local pizza place so we can all be together. That will be nice.



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