Monday, February 12, 2007

Knitting pal 2

That darn project did it to me again. Well, actually I did it to myself. I thought I saw an error and stopped to check it out. Darn I pulled several stitches right off their pegs and managed to get all but one placed back as it should be. That one wouldn't behave at all. At least there was a little more practice.

Now I have frogged it and I am back almost to the point of where I blew it in the first place. They say practice makes perfect, but it also makes for a very frustrated Mary. ROFLOL

Wow, frogging a project on a pal with using more then one or two needles is a test in patience all by itself. At first I thought I would just cut and start over, but that is the cheating way. I did the boo-boo, I needed to take the punishment for it. So I frogged it and let that be a lesson to me. Yea, right, it will happen again, I can feel it.

So I cast on again, did my base row, and now am on the second row of the stitch number three. It is looking pretty good but I think I blew it at the beginning. One side just doesn't look like the other. I am not frogging it. I want it bigger so I can look better at what I have and can maybe see where I went wrong or if it is wrong. Hard to tell what is what right now.



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