Friday, February 23, 2007

Knitting pal update

I now have to start all over, "again". I left the piece I am working on with stitch number three sitting in the craft room all by itself. Something happened. Everyone, and only one or two people entered that room, says not me, not me, but half the project was pulled off the pegs.

To make it worse when I found the dirty deed had been done, I all by myself, tried to fix it. Bummer, several dropped stitches. I figured I will leave it till I am not feeling so bad and all those nasty dizzy spells are gone then try to fix it. If not then back to square zero, a start again.

I am going to have so much practice on this one stitch that soon I should be an expert, NOT, at it. Maybe I should pick a stitch that doesn't require so many moves over just two pegs. Maybe one with duplicate moves over a bunch of pegs.

You know, I really told myself to use my rubber band trick to secure the work before I left the room after I last worked on it, but my answer to myself was that dumb, oh nothing is going to happen to it all alone in this back room. Yea right, nothing at all. Now that should teach me a lesson.

For those who use the pals that have ever had the piece ripped off the pegs use the rubber band trick to secure the work before walking away. Take rubber bands, how many depends on how many sections you are using. I try to used smaller rubber bands, and not the really thin kind, about two or three per section. Make sure your stitches are pushed down to the bottom of the peg, then stretch those rubber bands across several pegs above the stitches. Now starting with the last peg you stretched across, place another (this is overlapping on that one last peg). Continue to overlap across the board till all the pegs have a rubber band at the top.

You do not want to make these so tight that they have a chance to snap and break, but do want them tight enough so that they cannot easily be pulled off. This is a simple cheap way to make sure those stitches stay on those pegs. For those of you who have dollar stores around they often have packages of rubber bands, but even at Walmart they are not expensive. It sure is cheaper then continually having to start a project over, especially with multiple needles. What a pain it is to separate the yarn strands on even three needles, just think what twelve would be like.



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