Friday, February 23, 2007

My loom knitting

My looms have been sitting lonely for a few days while I recover from the sharing I posted about earlier. I am better today but the boss expects me to work at some point. Well, I have been doing that at home here, but there is stuff that can only be done at the shop, like money deposits. So if the weather holds nice today I will be gone most of the afternoon doing that. Mr/Mrs Weatherman is not giving us nice weather news though. The storm that was suppose to move through last night and this morning got bogged down off the coast and is just now starting to move in. Our beautiful afternoon forecast is not beautiful any more.

A talk of reversible knitting on the boards has started again. I sat last night for a bit and played with it again. I just cannot figure out why I cannot get those edges to look nice. I do try but they, to my eyes, are ugly. I don't like ugly in my fabric work. Ugly gets frogged, as well it should be.

I started out to work on the lace hat I have on the loom but gave up right away. I was tired and tired means mistakes. So leave that for later. I don't want to frog one of those when it is looking so good. So that will be a for this weekend project. Other then this little bit last night, I have slept, taken care of group, and done not much of anything.



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