Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lost Hat

So I posted yesterday about the hats I have completed. Though not many I counted each one of them.

Now most of you know, as I have mentioned before, that I carry a bag for crafting with me most all the time. I keep it in my car for those emergency times when I might have to sit and wait somewhere for some reason.

So there is my little bag sitting on the backseat of the car and rarely coming out of there except to go back into the house with me when I come home.

So since those hats are in the bag and that bag goes no where you would expect to see each of those hats in the bag. Not so, one is missing.

I do think I know what happened. I was at work. I had a period of time when I had nothing to do but was waiting for the boss to get there to sign checks so I could pop them in the mail. So nothing to do, hanging around waiting, what does a lady do? Well she grabs her knitting and makes a sad standing around be a useful waiting period. Then she stands out in the sun with her bag over shoulder and her handy dandy little round knitting loom. She just knits away on that hat she is making.

So what happened to the missing hat? I suspect that when pulling the strand of yarn and walking around one hat pulled out of the bag. So if that happened then why didn't she, me of course, notice it? I don't know, maybe to busy with that next wrap and knitted off row.

Whatever the case the hat is gone and I can find no other reason as to why it is gone. I searched the place where I have been putting my bag, right next to my bed, and the hat is not to be found. It is the solid color of sorbet that is missing. So add one solid color sorbet hat to be made to add to the pile.

I am not really upset over this, after all it is just a hat and I do believe that things happen for a reason. It was or it was not meant to be. Oh this is a little localized thing that involves just me, not the world or others. It is just one of those gut feelings that we sometimes get that says "it was meant to be".

One thing is for sure, hanging around our shop all the time are lots of homeless folks. So I can but hope that whoever found the hat really needed it. It was not a very big hat as it was made for a child but stretched a bit (and these hats are stretchy), it would nicely warm the head of an adult.

So I am down one hat in the count but have come close to completion of the horizontal stripes hat. Needless to say I removed the rest of the hats and put them in my bucket of finished items. Now I will have them all there, unless of course gremlins come along to escape with one or two. Hum, do gremlins wear hats?


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