Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another update, knitting machines and looms

I have played on the 930 machine for a while and now have the 210 set up again to clean it. I find that the sinker plates do not allow for a cleaning brush to go through and it is very hard to clean with the rattail brush. I have yet to put it all back together as I have not been feeling well. The daughter brought something over or the sister passed on what she had to the son who passed it to the hubby. The other daughter, my SIL, and my grandson had it. The other son, my DIL, and my two grands had it. Then my other girl, grandson, and granddaughter had it. I was beginning to think it was going to miss me, but it hasn't. It slapped me hard suddenly today. So I have done little this evening, but try to rest a bit.

On to talking a little about crafting. I tried making this hat on the 930 brother machine. I just kept messing it up. Trial and error is what I was doing. That trial and error involved trying to figure out how to work off some stitches on either side so the center ones could be worked. I just wasn't getting it right, but I got some nice help from machine knitting groups. So I finished, sort of, one hat. It is a bonnet type of hat.

When I say sort of finished it simply means I made so many mistakes it looks terrible. Nope sorry I am beyond the point of wanting to display the bad along with the good. LOL So there will be no pictures of this one. It is just going to be my model that tells me what not to do.

During the time I was playing with making this hat on the knitting machine, I found that I just wasn't understanding what was suppose to be happening, but I did note that this would most likely work on a knitting loom. So I picked up a small loom, worked up a decrease in the amount of stitches to use (the knitting machine is a standard gauge and required 80 needles in work). Once I had made the hat on a loom I could better understand what was happening on the machine.

Now I am taking a break from the hat and I have a baby ghan on the machine. It is close to coming off the machine and being able to edge it. I didn't do anything fancy as you wouldn't be able to see much of it (stitch wise), as this is a boucle yarn that is not showing up the stitches at all, but it is very pretty. I had to wind another skein of the yarn last night as I ran short on the one pounder I was using. Maybe tomorrow I will feel like finishing it off.

I am still working on a baby ghan on a loom. That one I took a little break from, but plan to try to finish it off this weekend. If I don't get to feeling much better I will just sit and work on it.

I hate my keyboard. I replaced the keyboard I was using as some keys died on it. I had no functions for certain keys at all. Now this one is dying also. I have to push harder on the O key and the spacebar and then sometimes it just doesn't work so good. Boy am I getting hard on keyboards or what.

*this was written up last night but I couldn't get it posted. I keep getting a blogger wasn't found.


Blogger Dora Renee' Wilkerson said...

I can never get my knitting machines to work for me. I have two of them (still in boxes since we moved and I don't think they will come out any time

I love my looms. They never jam on me like my knitting machines do. lol..

Great to read your blog again (I didn't have internet for almost a MONTH! Talk about going

Take care,

Dora Renee' Wilkerson

6:40 PM  

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