Monday, March 10, 2008

A new one

Well, it has happened. We have a brand new baby in the family. Born March 9, 2008 at 12:04am, 6lbs 11oz, 19 inches long, I got to welcome Andrew Lewis into the family at 2am. Mommy had a C-section (stupid hospital won't allow a woman who has had one C-section to have another child normally even if she has already done so, they say not safe even if the doc says it is and some do, they tell the doc they will take away their privilages if they do deliver normal birth, hows that for getting the extra money from insurance, can you say scam).

Anyway that was my gripe for now.

The baby was really grumpy. He kept trying to open his eyes but the light was too strong for him (and it was muted, that light I mean). So he growled and grumbled and outright yelled a few times. It was so funny. He finally managed to get his eyes opened but not for long.

I haven't been back to see him again. I plan to do that later today. Mommy works at Walmart and there are lots of people from there that were to visit. No sense in over doing it for mom or baby.

Mom and dad really lucked out. They have the two older boys and they went to spend the night at aunties house. They were here at my house for play and dinner then off to aunties for movie time. So mom and dad didn't have to worry about doing something with the boys when Crystals water broke. The daughter and the boys had barely left here when I got the call about baby on the way.

Neat this is the first of all my grands that I have gotten to see and hold before tons of other people. I got to see Trenton, but not hold him till days later, Payton was born far away, for Carter I was babysitting Payton, for Noah I was babysitting Payton and Carter, Jerry and Austin were born several states away from here, Elisabeth was seen by many others before me, and Mason was a week old before I got to hold him for a few seconds on his way home from the NeoNatal care unit.

I didn't even realize how exciting this was going to be. After all I have bunches of grands now. ROFLOL, this one was just so "new".

Now for Friday, that same hospital is making my daughter have a C-section again. Then I will get to go welcome Tanner Travis into the world. Wow, two new babies at once in the family. That's a new one for us.


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