Saturday, February 09, 2008

What I have been up to

It has been quite a while since I posted to this blog or any of my other blogs. I have been so busy.

I got a new replacement innovations knitting machine and I have been learning tons of stuff about this machine. In fact I mostly took their directions for just doing a "hat" and dumped them. I am using some techniques that I have learned for other knitting machines and am adapting them to the innovations. Like using waste yarn to cast on and off, and to use for doing a cuffed brim on a hat. Yes you can do a cuffed brim. I explained it to Toni and she did a youtube video on it that you can check out. I am also playing with doing a backstitch cast off to finish the bottom edge so it has more stretch.

I have two knitting machines sort of running. The bulky one I keep having trouble with it dropping and doing weird things with stitches on the ends.
It does not want to knit off the stitches for several rows and that is a real pain as I cannot see it till it has done this.  I have cleaned checked the machine for broken needles, needles not working
right but there doesn't seem to be anything wrong there. I have asked on groups and keep getting told to check the sponge bar. LOL This machine is a Brother KH210 and it has a permanent metal bar, no sponge. So that does not help me at all. It also doesn't have a cast on comb. It has no gate pegs but instead has something called sinker hooks and needles. A pretty weird machine but I do like it. I'd like it more if I could over come the problems I am having with it. I will don't doubt that.

I had to take down the 210 to set up the 930, that's a brother Kh930 standard machine. This is a machine a friend was given then she gave it to me. I like this machine but right now it too is giving me problems but I think that might be beause it does need a new sponge bar. At first I thought that maybe it was just gathering lint from the knititng I have done on it so I cleaned and oiled but the problem is still happening. No sorry no picture of the problem. It is simple though the yarn is not knitting on the needles. It is leaving very long strands across some, knitting others and leaving long strands again. Tomorrow I will take out the sponge bar and check it over and then take out the needles for a good overnight cleaning.


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