Sunday, June 08, 2008

The contest

I have been looking through the pictures at that prettiest eyes contest and finding those that have the higher places, you know the first, through the ninth where Masons is.

I must say I am quite surprised at the ones that have higher votes. Well, somewhat, it is most likely lots of friends and family voting for them.

What I see is the highest voted photos are phony eyes. What I mean by phony is they are enhanced by lots and lots of makeup. It's too bad that the prettiest eyes, which are natural, are not getting as much votes. There is this one picture called "Blue Eyed Beauty", that is of a little one and this baby has the most beautiful eyes. Go take a look at these eyes.
Blue Eyed Beauty"

Maybe it is just me but the prettiest eyes are those that do not need unnatural enhancement to make them look pretty. If you have pretty eyes, then do not spoil them with all that makeup. It just looks awful. Sorry my opinion. (and no I do not do makeup, haven't since I was a silly young woman about 20 is when I stopped that practice).


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